‘2017 Ceramics Day’The ceremony ‘2017 Ceramics Day’, sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), was held on November 27th on the twelfth floor of the SC convention center (Yeoksam-dong, Seoul), hosted by the Federation of Korea Ceramic Associations.The event was attended by more than 200 people from the ceramics industry affiliated with universities, institutes and related government offices. In attendance were National Assembly Members Won Hye-Youn and Yeom Dong-Yeol, and Deputy Director of MOTIE Park Ki-Young.In 1966, the Masan Ceramics Center was established in order to foster the ceramics industry. On November 28th, 1969, officials erected a ceramics promotion memorial at the completion ceremony of the new sanitary factory, commemorating it as Ceramics Day. The event in 2017 marked the third annual Ceramics Day.Also this year, those from industry, academia, institutes and governments met under the theme ‘win-win cooperation among ceramic materials-demanding companies’ to provide a forum for solidarity and harmony to ensure the continuing development of the innovative ceramics industry. The first part of the event included seminars and second part focused on commemorative events.During the first part, the theme was presented and support projects by enterprises and organizations were introduced. The details of the presentation are given below. ▷ Lee Nam-Yang (former Managing Director, LG Display): Flat-panel display industry and ceramics ▷ An Gi-Hyun (Managing Director, KSIA): Growing the semiconductor industry and strengthening its ecosystem ▷ Jung Han-Nam (Director, Posco Chemtech): Status and issues in the refractory industry ▷ Kim Kyung-Ja (Director, KICET): Strategy for enterprise support for ceramics industry development ▷ Kim Kwang-Jin (Director, Jeonnam Technopark): Promotion of the commercialization of high tech ceramics and integration of Jeonnam southwestern businesses ▷ An Hyung-Soo (Chief Researcher, KEIT): A council for the new material component industry and a plan for material basic parts At the commemoration ceremony, participants were offered an opportunity to discuss technical issues and gain in and share their own wisdom through the ‘ceramics material-demanding enterprises’ technical meeting and reception. Six recipients were recognized for their contributions to the development of the ceramics industry and were presented with the Ceramics Industry Award by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.​ Kim Young-Sik (MICO Corp.), Lee Ju-Sung (BoBoo Hitech), Kim Dae-Woong (KC Corp.), Kim Wang-Hyung (Kangwon Technopark) and Lee Hee-Deuk (IS Dongseo) received a ministerial commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. In addition, researcher Choi Sang-Jin from the industry-academic consortium at Yonsei University was presented with an award by the Ministy of Trade, Industry and Energy.​

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